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Who we are

Charismatic Media is 100% local and here to help you work smarter for your small business. 




Have great products?  Awesome services? Fantastic!  That is just the first step!  We are your next.  Call Charismatic Media to find out exactly what to do next to have customers knocking on your door! 


Our Story

Charismatic Media began with a simple request from a small business owner, 'I want someone to handle my social media stuff'.  With this simple statement, the founders of the company realized there was a huge gap in the marketing world.  Small business should be using social media tools.  However, most owners are too busy, they do not have the time or knowledge base to handle these types of marketing products themselves.  And thus, Charismatic Media began; with a passion to grow small business with social media tools.


With years of experience under our belt, we now offer a plethora of marketing services designed to fit your small business.  We provide top notch services to help your small business grow day after day.  


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